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Tips for buying a house in Marbella and getting the Golden Visa

How to move to Costa del Sol in Spain and get your secondo home there

Written By:

Aida Garcia Iglesias
On February 16, 2023

This article is intended as a brief guide for those citizens of Florida who are thinking to have their second home abroad. Below, we will explain one of the legal options to achieve this in Marbella, Spain, through the purchase of a property and the obtaining of the Golden Visa. ((Other visas are available and please free to contact us to get more information)).

The Golden Visa allows to reside and work in Spain or just reside without paying taxes, on condition that Golden Visa holder stays less than 6 months a year in Spain.

The initial duration of the Golden Visa depends on the country of application. If applying at the Spanish Embassy, the initial duration will be one year, renewable for a period of three years on the first renewal date and then five years, if all the requirements for obtaining the visa are maintained. If the applier is in Spain, its duration will be three years, extendable for a further five years.

The Golden Visa can be obtained through an investment in Spain, which can be the purchase of a property. The minimum investment must be €500,000.00, free of charges, taxes, mortgages or encumbrances. When a family decides to apply for a Golden Visa, one of the spouses will serve as investor and the other spouse can apply for a dependable visa together with the children below 18 years old; if above, they have to be economically dependent on their parents. Every family member can use the same proceeding to apply for the Golden Visa and benefit from the same advantages.

In sum, Marbella and Costa del Sol in Spain are worldwide known for being a beautiful European sunny coast with great standard of life and it is chosen by wealthy Americans as their second home.

It will be our pleasure to assist you in the process of obtaining a Golden Visa and of purchasing your dream second home here in Marbella.

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